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Authors face the problem of no longer having creative control over their work when traditionally publishing their book.

At Tickety Boo Ink, we aim to rid authors of this problem and give them all the control they deserve. Authors deserve the right to own their book, own their creative freedom and own all the rewards from their book.

Our main aim is to ensure that those wanting to publish a book without an editor or publisher controlling them; can do so. Traditional publishing often means an editor changing elements within a book. As a result of this, the author's voice may be lost. To us, it’s crucial this voice is never lost. At Tickety Boo Ink, no authors voice can ever be lost during publication. We wish to allow authors to be themselves and have no editor or publisher show them the way.

Another aim of ours is to ensure that freelance writers get the rewards and recognition they deserve. They provide others with the help they need and want; yet do not get the rewards they deserve at all. Often the commissions on transactions when it comes to getting paid results in freelancers getting little money for a large job. Tickety Boo Ink gives freelancers the chance to market and sell their services, all with no commission payments; meaning they keep all the money they rightfully earn.  

Tickety Boo Ink has the intention of making publishing easy. We give authors a website that can be made unique to them, they can sell their book on this and publish their book easily without the need for an editor or publisher.

The biggest aim in our team is to give everyone the freedom they deserve, to write what they want to write.

We believe in an Authors Freedom


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