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Our Aim at Tickety Boo Ink


Authors often aren't aware of how to effectively market and promote their book/s.

At Tickety Boo Ink, we aim to rid authors of this problem. We believe authors should be able to easily market their book; through a website and a directory. 

Our main aim is to ensure that those who have published a book have an easy way of marketing their work. It is all too often that self published authors books get lost in a sea of other books. We give everyone a website to market their book on, as well as showcasing their books on our Independent Authors Directory. We want authors to be able to get the recognition they deserve. 

Put simply, our most significant intention is ensuring new, self-published authors get the recognition needed and well deserved. They can sell their books on the website we provide them with; as well as selling themselves to the world. Our Independent Author's Directory is a free-of-charge website for authors to appear on, with a small bio and their work.

Our team believe self-published authors deserve and need more recognition for their hard work. Often, authors do not know how to begin marketing their work. We eliminate this by marketing your work for you. 


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