Beat The WannaCry Virus

Here are our top tips for staying safe on the internet. Yes, we know it can be time consuming, but you would spend much more time sorting out issues should you ever be hacked. Following these tips will help prevent you from catching the “WannaCry” virus which gets into computers by users using the internet. 


  1. Passwords. Create strong and yet easy to remember passwords. Hackers will use software to crack your passwords, but you can create a smart and really strong password by incorporating capital letters, numbers and special characters. It can be hard to remember big passwords so use a phrase like lazyfoxescannotjump1980!

  2. Personal Information. Never share personal information, passwords or data on email, use a variety of methods to pass on information or better yet make a phone call.

  3. IM Messaging. The same goes for IM messaging and Skype, never share data with anyone, you never know who is on the line.

  4. Shopping. If you shop online, be sure that the website uses secure technology (SSL). When you are at the checkout screen, verify that the Web address begins with https. Then confirm the web address is correct, ie it still says amazon.co.uk and it has not changed to gotcha.com

  5. Phishing. These use fraudulent emails and fake websites, masquerading as legitimate businesses, to lure unsuspecting users into revealing private account or login information. If you get an email check the email address from which it has come BEFORE you click on it, no matter how good it looks. If in any doubt delete it! Then go to the correct website without clicking on the link given.

  6. 1Password. Have more than one password? Many of us only one have or maybe two passwords, but websites and their operators may be able to see your password. If you have a problem remembering passwords use an App like 1Password, we have used it for years and it’s great!

  7. Software. Ensure the software you have on your PC or Mac is up to date. It is a basic issue but so important.

  8. Surfing. Again use the latest version of a web browser. Old internet explorer browsers will not help you in the fight against the hackers and you will be an easy target. Our best recommendation is to use Google Chrome, it’s free, it will automatically update your security without you noticing and provides a great surfing experience.

  9. Browsers. Do not let your browser save your passwords. (1Password will add them when you need them).

  10. Downloading. Never download anything from the net unless you are 100% certain you know it is safe. This is really important with emails and remember that file could kill your computer or steal all your money.


Be safe, not sorry!